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You are not to withstand the storm, because you are the storm.

Following my last blog entry, I have dealt with a drastic climate change. From Turkey's +30°C summer, I moved to Astana, Kazakhstan where it is -30°C. I can even feel my eyelashes freeze at one point. The houses are built to be very warm, however, so unless you must stand outside to hail a random car for a taxi, it is pretty manageable. 

Not only the climate change, but the move has made a huge impact on my lifestyle and values as well. I've learned much from this vulnerable move I have made. That is, there are some matters in life that are worth your sacrifice, but some that are simply not worth it. It is important not to make abrupt decisions, but to carefully consider your priorities in life. Somebody taught me when I was a child, that if I cannot choose between two decisions, I shall choose the more challenging one. Now that it has been a week since I left, I am glad that I chose the harder path. Ironically, I find myself laughing and smiling much more often in comparison to the past. 

That being said, however, I also learned another important life lesson-that it truly is never too late to apologize. Whether they accept the apology or not does not matter. However, this mentality could help you to become stronger in the long path. After all, we are all humans and anybody makes mistakes. Even in the circumstances that you have not made a mistake, sometimes it is yet inevitable to swallow your pride.

Now that I have learned a new ballet during my rehearsals here for the past week, I am off to my next destination in a few hours to perform this.