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Hello from the Mediterranean

What is a better way to celebrate your achievements for the entire year than to spend it at the Mediterranean Sea?

“Instruction ends in the school-room, but education ends only with life. A child is given to the universe to be educated.” - Frederick William Robertson

As you can see on my other social media platforms, I am currently on summer holidays for a short period in Israel. This is my fourth time visiting this gorgeous country. I was urgently in need of some vitamin D dose (and some vitamin sea hehe) especially because I spent all year in the extreme cold weathers like Astana and Boston. Just because I am on holidays does not mean I have to stop studying. As a matter of fact, I am managing three courses this summer (one world literature and two computer science courses), but thanks to the online flexible courses, I get to study wherever I am on this planet as long as there is Wifi. I am a firm believer of education outside of the box; that education shall not be restricted to the traditional study desks but rather shall be integrated closely with daily life. When I was a child attending the international school, they allowed us to form in groups and head off to study anywhere, be it on the playground, the roof of the building or on the soccer field while eating ice cream. Such open minded systems gave us abilities to obtain flexible and critical thinking skills to create ideas outside of the box. As Roberston quotes, "Instruction ends in the school-room, but education ends only with life. A child is given to the universe to be educated." I hope everybody has a great vacation too!

Sayaka xx

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Strength and Grace. Happy New Year 2017!

 A year ago, I had one goal. I was hungry and determined for this. I told myself this,

I will live on one suitcase and explore what is out there. I am not happy the way I am, and so I am going to make myself happy.

And indeed, within one year, my goal came true!

Today, I am happy and I feel achieved. And I feel that fighting through was worth the struggles.

And moreover, I am grateful. Simply grateful for my love, for my family and friends and all the support I received.

My New Year's Resolution is surprisingly vague this year. 2017 shall be a year of happiness. Now that I know I can fight, in 2017, I want to continue fighting and challenging myself with grace and poise.

I hope you readers have a Happy New Year! Love yourself, indulge, appreciate and fight!

Happy 2017!!! Lots of love from Japan!


DiarySayaka WakitaDiary
You are not to withstand the storm, because you are the storm.

Following my last blog entry, I have dealt with a drastic climate change. From Turkey's +30°C summer, I moved to Astana, Kazakhstan where it is -30°C. I can even feel my eyelashes freeze at one point. The houses are built to be very warm, however, so unless you must stand outside to hail a random car for a taxi, it is pretty manageable. 

Not only the climate change, but the move has made a huge impact on my lifestyle and values as well. I've learned much from this vulnerable move I have made. That is, there are some matters in life that are worth your sacrifice, but some that are simply not worth it. It is important not to make abrupt decisions, but to carefully consider your priorities in life. Somebody taught me when I was a child, that if I cannot choose between two decisions, I shall choose the more challenging one. Now that it has been a week since I left, I am glad that I chose the harder path. Ironically, I find myself laughing and smiling much more often in comparison to the past. 

That being said, however, I also learned another important life lesson-that it truly is never too late to apologize. Whether they accept the apology or not does not matter. However, this mentality could help you to become stronger in the long path. After all, we are all humans and anybody makes mistakes. Even in the circumstances that you have not made a mistake, sometimes it is yet inevitable to swallow your pride.

Now that I have learned a new ballet during my rehearsals here for the past week, I am off to my next destination in a few hours to perform this.