New Website Launched

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well with you since my last post. I’m in my second year here at Dortmund Ballett and it looks like it will be a busy year. I’ve got a full time career as a dancer, I’m doing more modeling works on the side, doing more studying for my degree and for myself, all while managing two businesses on the side. What a life! Prioritizing matters are highly important when you have a lot going on in your life. One thing I always tell my clients is to avoid being busy for your own satisfaction. What I mean is, that too many people are out there being unnecessarily busy, yet they feel so satisfied about it. Nothing wrong with feeling great and productive, but are you actually doing what matters in your life? Are you doing what you genuinely need for you to obtain your desires and goals? Or are you just loving the fact that you are busy (or even worse, happily using it as an excuse)? This is why I tell my clients to take a step back and review what their desired end results are. You may be putting a lot of effort and energy into something that is completely unnecessary for your goals. Think about it.

Oh by the way, I’ve recently renovated my website so that it works more efficiently on phones. I hope you all like my minimalistic approach to this website.

See you next time.

Sayaka Wakita