A Manga About Me!

Hey guys!

If one thing is for sure, never have I ever dreamed of being the main character of a manga book. Jokes aside, Japan's Benesse Corporation just made one for me. The interview was via Skype back in March. This hilariously simplified manga of my life is featured in the teenage magazine, TEAM-C. Many thanks to the interviewer, illustrator and publisher.

Honestly, this is such an honouring event for me. Moreover, is it very meaningful for a few years ago, I was rejected by the Japanese government when I wanted to attend middle school. The reason was specifically because I hadn't followed their traditional education system (I studied at an international school and abroad from an early age instead of going to public school). Today, I look back and realise how far I've come. I'm hopeful for the future where the youths would be able to connect to the outer world, both spiritually and physically without it being an obstacle.  

Here's a video link of my video message for those of you who know Japanese.


Hope everybody has a great day! Ciao!