Midterm Examinations Finished

Polishing art never comes to an end until it exhausts itself from life; for by then, it is solely a replica.
— Sayaka Wakita

Hi all! So this week we've had a holiday at work following the three shows at Astana Ballet. But instead of sleeping in, I had a lot of coffee and studied all day for the mid-term examinations. Thank god all the assignments and exams are now finished. I have a few days to take a break from my textbooks until the new units and chapters come up soon. Apart from studying, I have also been working in the beautiful, newly constructed studios of Astana Ballet. After more than 15 years of being in this profession, I still find new discoveries everyday. Come to think of it, your body is just being commanded by different brain signals. Thus, if one has the ability to define and alter the programme within their minds, he/she has potential that of the universe.

On that note, I wish you all a great day!