President Family 2017 Spring Edition

Earlier in December, on a short trip to Tokyo, I had the honor to be interviewed for the "President Family" magazine. President Inc. is also home to numerous magazines in Japan such as "Forbes Japan", "President", "Dancyu" and "Woman" to name a few.

Taking place in the familiar building of my old high school, I discussed my views about the different forms of educational systems around the world and how one can benefit from diversity and defying conventional wisdom.

Like always, I was also asked why I chose to obtain a degree at Harvard University while still being a dancer. My response was, "Why not?" As said I mentioned in my admission essay to Harvard,I believe that education and art forms as one. That being said, I hope that this article can help those of youths to broaden their perspectives and think outside of the box. Go out there, be creative and educate yourself in as many ways as possible!