Strength and Grace. Happy New Year 2017!

 A year ago, I had one goal. I was hungry and determined for this. I told myself this,

I will live on one suitcase and explore what is out there. I am not happy the way I am, and so I am going to make myself happy.

And indeed, within one year, my goal came true!

Today, I am happy and I feel achieved. And I feel that fighting through was worth the struggles.

And moreover, I am grateful. Simply grateful for my love, for my family and friends and all the support I received.

My New Year's Resolution is surprisingly vague this year. 2017 shall be a year of happiness. Now that I know I can fight, in 2017, I want to continue fighting and challenging myself with grace and poise.

I hope you readers have a Happy New Year! Love yourself, indulge, appreciate and fight!

Happy 2017!!! Lots of love from Japan!


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